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DIY Drinking Straws Crafts
Straws hold that simple yet classy look that appeals to most people. And these straw crafts are neither hard nor time-consuming to make. And, these can be pretty commonly used in parties as wall and door hangings. So, who wouldn't want to know how to make the Paper Straw crafts? Here are a few easy and simple steps for you to make some interesting crafts using straws. PAPER STRAW EASEL Materials: Paper straws Hot glue gun Scissors Method: 1. Take three straws (one of a different pattern) and cut them each in half. 2. Place two pieces at a slanted angle such that they touch each other at the top. 3. Stick them in place using some hot glue. 4. Stick the third piece of straw (different patter) over the two straws near the bottom, forming an 'A' shape. 5. Stick a piece on the back side vertically from the top at a slanted angle, creating a stand. 6. Voila! Your straw easel is ready for use! PAPER STRAW GARLAND Materials: Paper straw Scissor Nylon thread Method: 1. Cut paper straws into 4 pieces. 2. Take a nylon thread and insert 3 straws one by one. 3. Insert the thread into the first straw again to get a triangular shape. 4. Repeat the same process for all the other colour straws. 5. Paper straw garland is ready to hang and decorate your place. PAPER STRAW FRAME Material: Paper straw Cardboard Fevicol Black chart Scissor Hot glue gun Method: 1. Cut a cardboard into a rectangle of size 6.75" * 5" 2. Apply fevicol evenly on the cardboard. 3. Stick black chart on the cardboard. 4. Cut paper straws into pieces of size 6.75" and small pieces of size 1". 5. Apply hot glue on the black chart and stick the long straws vertically on the left and right corners. 6. Stick small straws on the top and bottom. 7. Voila! Your straw frame is ready for use! Watch more: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe YouTube: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: A Ventuno Production:
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