Once upon a time in mumbaai Bharatstudent
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About the film

Seen through the eyes of a police officer, 'Once Upon A time in Mumbaai' traces the changing face of the Mumbai underworld and how it all started. The film, set primarily in 1970s Mumbai, follows the rise of Sultan [ Ajay Devgn ], and the conflict, when his protege Shoaib [ Emraan Hashmi ], challenges his supremacy, and usurps power to rule the murky underbelly of Mumbai. The film is presented in a retro chic style and is a glamorous and powerful rewind to the golden era.

Character Sketches

Ajay Devagan
as Sultan Mirza
Emraan Hashmi
as Shoaib Khan
Kangna Ranaut
as Rehana
Prachi Desai
as Mumtaz
Randeep Hooda
as Agnel Wilson
Messiah of the poor, fear of the rich and authority of the powerful, Sultan Mirza was the one whom people turned to when there was nowhere else to look. The silent ruler of the streets of Bombay he did everything that was wrong according to the law but right according to him. Armed with his muse Rehana on one side and a gang of loyal allies on the other, Sultan Mira took it on himself to give the people what they wanted and what they deserved. The evil prince who fears no one, who loathes everyone and who wants to be the only one standing tall amidst a sinister battle for power. Looking down upon the ash at his feet as he rises up like a burning flame Shoaib is the nightmare that the city hoped would never come alive. Running around trees and fighting four goons at a time, Rehana is the filmstar who lost her heart to a thief becoming his strength as well as his weakness. This bold and fearless beauty will bring down anything and everything that stands in the way of her one true love Sultan. The innocent confidante of a guilty ruffian, Mumtaz is entangled in a web which includes here lover's desire to make it to the top of the crime ladder and her inability to get out of this tumultuous relationship. The one man who thought could save Bombay was ACP Agnel Wilson. On a mission to clean up what he calls the murky filth of the city, has his ambition driven the city to a brink of destruction?