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What are all the different ways I can contact other Bharatstudent users?
There are lots of ways you can interact with other Bharatstudent members. Choose the way that interests you! You could use Chitchat, Messages and Testimonials to connect to other users. Also, you can comment to Photos of other users.

What is Chitchat?
Chit Chat is the one of the most happening sections on BS. You can interact with other online/offline members using this feature. You can also view other member's Chit Chats.

How do I use the option 'Messages' on my profile page?
It's a personal message Inbox where you can view and reply to the messages sent by other members, compose new messages, etc.

What does it mean to be another user's Friend on Bharatstudent?
This means you can share photos, videos and Blogs with him/her, while also sending chits and messages.

I liked a member's profile while browsing; can I add him/her as my friend?
You can click on 'Add as friend' option available at the member's profile page and a request will be sent. However, you can be his/her friend only if the member accepts your request. Similarly you can choose to 'Accept' or 'Deny' any friend requests that you receive.

How do I send a private message to another user?
Go to the other user's profile. From here, you have an option to send a 'private message'.

How do I invite my friends to join Bharatstudent?
You could use the 'Invite Friends' link on your personal homepage.

How do I accept a friend invite from another user?
Click the Accept button in the 'New Friend Invites' list.

How do I find out if someone has sent me a private message?
The messages link in your personal homepage displays the number of unread messages in brackets. You could click this link to check out these new messages.

Gangs are nothing but communities created by the members based on their school, college, workplace names or other common interests.

How do I create a Bharatstudent Gang?
Yes. You can create a gang of your own and invite others to join your gang. Like wise you can also join in other gangs by clicking on 'Join in Gang'.

Public, Private options are seen while creating a gang, what do they mean?
While creating a Gang, you may choose to make your Gang Public, which means any member can join the gang, or Private which means members need to be approved by you, to join the Gang.

How do I join a Bharatstudent Gang?
Go to the Gang's page that you wish to join. Here, you can click the 'Join Gang' link.

How do I add comments to a Gang Topic?
Clicking on 'Post a comment' on the Gang page allows you to comment to a Gang Topic.

How do I post a new topic to a Bharatstudent Gang?
You can post a new topic to a Bharatstudent Gang by Clicking on 'Create Topic'

How can I delete a gang I created?
Go to the Gangs page, and you have an option to delete the Gang, if you have created it. Comments and Rating
Comments and Rating

How do I comment to another user's photo?
You can post a comment to another member's profile page, photo by clicking the 'Write a Comment' link on the relevant page. However the comment needs to get approved by the other member before it appears on his/her profile page.

How do I edit or delete a comment?
You could edit or delete this comment by going to the appropriate page where you made the comment.

Does Bharatstudent limit my comments?
It only does so if use of objectionable language is noticed.

What does the photo rating represent?
A rating represents the average of all ratings it has been given by users since it was uploaded.
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