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Common foot problems and how to avoid them   

The feet are one of the most beautiful parts of any woman and care should be taken to protect them at all times as they tend to be an appealing factor. However, this also involves some common foot problems which must be dealt with rightly. According to a report, millions of women across the world suffer from foot problems and here is a look at some of them and how to deal with it.
The most common problem is Corns and Calluses. They are caused by ill-fitting shoes and affect the bony areas of the feet. To prevent it, you must avoid shoes which are too tight or have high heels. If you have hardened skin you must remove it using a pumice stone. If the corn is painful then you got to see a chiropodist. You can also go for orthotic insoles to correct any imbalance.
Bunions are another problem which are painful bony swellings caused at the base of big toe. The best way to deal with it would be by buying pads which ease pressure on the big toe joint. Even orthotic insoles are useful. If the problem is severe, you could go in for a surgery and remove the swollen feet. Avoid heels which are higher than two inches for long periods.
Verrucas are another issue. They are warts which are caused by viral infection found between soles of the feet or between toes. If this gets large then visit a chiropodist. Alternatively, you can wear flip-flops when you are in water since virus thrives in communal showers and swimming pools. The athlete foot is also another issue which can be prevented by changing socks or tights daily.

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