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hey i am 14 years old. In my schools many boys like me .there are more than 10 but i like only one boy but he don't like me it seems that he had went to a far place but i can't forget its a big problem for me nowdays and also i don't like the boys who like me.I like that one boy what should i do now?

Hi Hasini,

You just 14 years, you still have years to go. What if one guy doesn't like you, there are many who adore you. Don't underestimate yourself or get attached or commit yourself to a guy who doesn't even care about you. You can get much good looking guys than him. Just think that you had a bad dream and fade the past and enter the present. For a change divert yourself, play outdoor games, freak out with friends, watch your favorite movie, songs or join some vocational classes.
Make up your mind, enjoy your life and be happy.

Take Care!

i am nithya..... i am doing my 12th.... i have a problem in my brest... that is one looks just a bit smaller that the other...wat can i do for this? is this any disease or? and i need to know the symptoms of brest cancer..

Hi Nithya,

Being a teen, there's nothing to worry about. We humans aren't as evenly proportioned as we appear, its normal for the two sides of the bodies to be a little different from each other. So, it's perfectly normal for one breast to be slightly different than the other. The problem you think doesn't exist as that isn't the symptom of breast cancer or any other disease. If still that doesn't satisfy you go for a checkup with a gynecologist who will diagnose and brief out the symptoms of breast cancer.

Take Care!

hi...this is aakanksha i need to loose my weight as i hav to wear saree in my clg farewell after a mnth.. can u suggest me some tips to reduce weight soon and shape up my body n grow my hairs a bit long to look good in that...???

Hi Aakanksha,

You're too slow, need to plan out at least three to four months ahead. One month is too short to loose weight and also grow hairs. Also, you didn't even figure out how many kilos you wish to loose in this short span. Well, i think regular exercising may help you loose those extra flab but may also effect your health. So, be careful as of now maintain proper diet, eat your food at 4-5 interval in minimal quantities and drink lots of water to replenish your system. Go for fresh green salads, raw fruits and soluble foods. If not wear saree that hide your flab, pick rich colors like chocolate, wine, kohl black, peacock blues and darker tones. Strict no-no for chiffon or net saris though its rage at parties. Wear shorter neck pieces to accentuate your neck and hair extensions, discreetly pinned with hair jewellery, will do the trick for short hair.

Play smart, look gorgeous! Take Care!

hey genius..i'm astha of 22 years unmarried. wanna ask that how to reduce breast size (any particular medicine, yoga n cream ) and how to choose a right type bra which can minimize my breast size. my full bust size is 37 inch and bust line size is 29

Hi Astha,

I would recommend you to wear Minimizer bra which reduces the appearance of the breasts by a cup size or two. A well-fitting bra is also important for a woman's posture. Go for a full-length, well-fitting strapless bra which will hold it in place and smooth out your stomach area, making the dress fit better and proportioned.

If not, while buying ask for help from lingerie personnel, who can help you find a bra that fits your size and type. Wear clothes with blend of polyester and spandex to hide the big bust. Black dress can do wonders just keep in mind to avoid front button or pockets on the chest.

Besides, if you wish to downplay, wall push-up and pull-up exercises are very useful for chest reduction. As far for medication or creams please do not use them without appropriate expert prescription. It's better you consult an expert cosmetic surgeon for desired results you wish to get.

Take Care!

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