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Title: Naa Ishtam
Written By: Ram Gopal Varma
Publishers: Emesco
Price: Ind. Rs 175
Available At: All Book Stores in AP
Book Released On: 1st Dec 2010    

Once, a teacher in a class was teaching a lesson and he said "gambling is not Mahabharata, Dharmaraju lost everything in gambling...including his kingdom and wife".

Suddenly, a boy from the back bench shouted "......but Duryodhana got benefited with same gambling".  

That's it, the teacher stopped his lesson and went home.  

Till such time, he used to believe in what he heard from childhood but at that point, the teacher had to believe in another perspective.  

Yes, gambling has to be played in the way it should be played. It is an art, one has to know the tricks of the art.

To those who read RGV's 'Naa Ishtam', their position will also become like that of the above mentioned teacher's. 'Naa Ishtam' is like a fire torch. All those things that we read, we heard, we understood will be brought together and doused in flames. If we think more, it will change our nature. If we think a little more, Ram Gopal Varma might enter into us....!!!

In the gambling-casino called 'cinema industry', there are those who are growing step by step and there are also those who are yet to get a break and are still lying where they are. Added to them, there is another category which is yet to get even an entry and are spending their life in despair and disappointment. Here, one must play the game rightly...not like Dharmaraja...but like Sakuni or Duryodhana Ram Gopal Varma.

  • Everyone knows Ram Gopal Varma as a director but in this book he comes across as a trail blazer for new way of thinking
  • Everyone knows Ram Gopal Varma as a dreamer but here he will look like a sorcerer who takes us into a dream journey.
  • Many also know Ram Gopal Varma as a writer but here he will look like a psychologist who researched and analyzed the lives of many.
  • Ram Gopal Varma is a man of courage and here he is also seen like a sage
Each essay in this book is a feat
  • 'Naa Sridevi' - discovers the lover in Varma. If Sridevi reads this for 3 times she may say good bye to Boney Kapoor.
  • 'Nannu Athyantha Prabhavitham Chesina Vyakthi' - will mesmerize even genius intellectuals. It compels the readers to meet the person mentioned in this essay.
  • 'Rifle'- will tickle the youngsters
  • 'Siva Puranam' -will send cine buffs into turbulent trance
  • 'Dweshanni Premisthanu'- shows the strength and power of love
  • 'Nenu Bhayapadda Samayam' - brings smiles, scares and teaches philosophy
  • 'Dabbu' - shows the value of money in Ramu's view
  • 'Idekkadi Media' -will make a journalist shrug his/her shoulder
  • 'Manta Pettina Aag'- it shows Ramu's confession nature immaculately
Along with these essays is the one written by Ramu's mother Suryavathi, titled 'Naa Koduku Ramu'. To those who wish to know about Ramu's childhood, this is the best article. It has been analyzed from the bottom of the heart with honesty. Yes, who can be more honest and truthful about a son than his Mother?!

And don't miss these wonderfully entertaining cine celeb-articles.

-'Naaku Ardhamayina Varma' by Krishnavamsi
-Love letter from Puri Jagannadh to Ramu
-'Sivudu- Daiyyam- Charitra' by Tanikella Bharani
-'Sarkar Ram' by Siva Nageswara Rao

Ramu's uncle Murali Raju's 'Ramu ni Enjoy Cheyyali' and Ramu's friends' articles like 'Wrong-Go-Pal-War-Maa' will reveal few secret facets of Varma.

Along with all this, 'Reminiscences of Ram' written by Satyendra (Ramu's college friend, a great intellectual) is given in English only and it is heard that no one dared to translate it in Telugu. This essay gives a kick to intellectuals and it is a must read.

So, after delving into various subjects, Ramu got into the work of bringing few smiles. That is why there were few naughty questions and answers, in that a little bit of Gyan (??), witty statements, satires... etc etc.

After that, a spoof which talks about how people like Osama Bin Laden, Veerappan, Dawood Ibrahim will change their thoughts and respond after reading 'Naa Ishtam' gives hearty laughs. Finally, Ramu's childhood photos, pictures with family members, working stills of Kshana Kshanam, Siva, the shelved project with Chiranjeevi will not let you take your eyes off. However, there are few dangers with this valuable book:

  • This may corrupt the minds of many employees and make them resign their jobs to jump into cine field.
  • Teenagers who have been listening to elders may start posing counter questions and become tough nuts to handle
  • One may come up with crazy answers even for a small question like 'what is your name?'
  • Thinking reversely and talking oppositely might become a habit.

But, the craze to read books might develop and the interest towards cinema industry may turn into love. The desire to explore various philosophers may rise, this desire may become a penance. Well....if you want to read 'Naa Ishtam'...go and grab it.

The book is available at all popular book shops in AP, price - Rs 175

For your feedback after reading 'Naa Ishtam', you can directly contact Ram Gopal Varma at
Tags: Ram Gopal Verma, Rgv Book Review, Naa Ishtam, Naa Ishtam Book Review, Emesco Publisher
Posted On : 11th December, 2010
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