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Superb action sequences fail to save badly scripted 'AK 56'

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Film : AK 56;
Cast : Siddhanth, Shirin, Sharat Babu, Sumalatha, Suchayeendra Prasad, Ambareesh, Shobharaj, Lokanath, Atul Kulkarni, Sathya and Kote Prabhakar;
Director : N. omprakash Rao;
Composer : Abhiman Roy;
Producer : Sidhdhanth;
Camera : Manohar;
Rating : **

Omprakash Rao's directed " AK 56" is the costliest film made with a newcomer. The director has incorporated many action and chase sequences to make it engrossing.

" AK 56" is Rao's 25th directorial venture. He had earlier given commercial hits like "AK 47", "Ayya", "Hubballi" and "Simhada Mari".

But " AK 56" doesn't repeat his previous success saga mainly because of the weak storyline and average performances by the leading artists.

The lavish production values gives the film an edge, but there are so many flaws that it mars the movie to a large extent.

The chase sequence prior to the interval is breathtaking, but the film drags and drags in the second half.

Except for some superbly executed action and chase sequences, which looks good because of a good technical support, the whole film turns out to be a normal potboiler and nothing else.

If only the director had worked on the script with little more interest and had done his homework properly, this terrorism-based subject would have looked much better on the screen.

Rao should have realised that the action and thrill elements would look credible only if screenplay is sound and story is logical.

" AK 56" is Siddhanth second outing as an actor. He needs to learn a lot to deliver a convincing performance. Shirin looks glamorous but she has very few scenes to show her acting skills.

The story shows an innocent person is wrongly framed and harassed. Rather than a commentary on the present system which contains lot of loopholes, Rao just concentrates in creating situations for the action oriented sequences.

The dialogues written by M.S. Ramesh lack freshness.

The story revolves around Ajay, a sales supervisor who hands over a consignment to an unknown person having terrorist links. The police mistake Ajay to have links with terrorists and takes him into custody for interrogation.

Police officials put Ajay behind the bars. Ajay's family is shattered and his father dies.

Ajay escapes from the prison and tries to locate the people behind his arrest. Meanwhile, the terrorists plans to blast a dam by using powerful explosives.

Ajay and his group of friends nab the terrorists while executing their plans. Finally, Ajay is tried in court and is cleared off all charges.

Siddhanth is good in action sequences, but not so good in emotional sequences. Atul Kulkarni and Suchayeendra Prasad are the scene-stealers and comical relief provided by Shobharaj and Kote is enjoyable.

Sumalatha Ambareesh manages to give a good performance in the mother's role.

Songs composed by Abhiman Roy are unimpressive. Manohar is good behind the camera.

" AK 56" may look for action film lovers only, but the film has too many flaws.

© IANS By V.S. Rajapur

Tags: Ak 56, Siddhanth, Shirin, Sharat Babu, Sumalatha, Suchayeendra Prasad, Ambareesh, Shobharaj, Lokanath, Atul Kulkarni, Sathya, Kote Prabhakar, N Omprakash Rao
Posted On : 12th February, 2012
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