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Rannvijay Singh challenges school-goers with obstacle race

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Rannvijay Singh challenges school-goers with obstacle race

New Delhi, Sep 5 : Adventure enthusiast Rannvijay Singh Sangha has launched Rocksport Challenge, an obstacle race for school-going children. He feels the youth has distanced itself from nature, and it will be an opportunity to test their physical strength and problem solving abilities.

A brand extension to adventure sports company Rocksport Adventures, Rocksport Challenge
aims to promote adventure among youth, develop sensitivity towards nature, and to instill a sense of go-getting attitude among youngsters.

"I've realised the youth is not spending time with nature, they are not indulging in adventure activities, they are not climbing trees, walls or fences. They are very social only on the internet or in a coffee shop. They are not active. It's sad," Rannvijay told IANS.

Having grown up in an army background, in the cantonment area, life was filled with activities and adventure for the 29-year-old in his younger days. So it irks him even more to watch youngsters spend their time in cafes and cyber cafes.

The Rocksport Challenge will be conducted in two categories - Junior Challenge (a three kms obstacle race for students from class six to eight) and Senior Challenge (a five kms obstacle race for students from class nine to 12).

"There will be wall climbing, nets, barbed wire, ditch, Burma bridge, Tarzan rope, and other such obstacles during the race," said Rannvijay.

These obstacles and challenges would be employed throughout the circuit to test endurance, strength, speed, dexterity and decision making while working in a team.

Prelims will be conducted in various schools from September to December, and four students from each category will be selected for the semi finals to be conducted in the capital.

Based on the semi final performance, 20 schools will be selected for the big final race, to be judged by a panel of judges, including Rannvijay.

The final race will take place in Gurgaon, with an all paid adventure trip to Kathmandu as the prize for the winning team.

Rannvijay says it is important to motivate people to take up adventure sports during their young days.

"When we go abroad, we like the lifestyle of the people there - they go for cycling and boating. Here, we are waiting to retire and start doing all that. It will be too late. So it has to be a way of life right now," he said.

"Also, right now there are hardly any options for weekend adventure ideas. So let us make it available and let them choose. If the choice is between a cafe, a cyber cafe, and a hookah bar, then how do we expect them to say 'We want to be adventurous'? But if you give them an option that 'Hey, this Saturday Sunday, do you want to go on an adventure!', I'm sure the response will be great," added Rannvijay.


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Posted On : 5th September, 2012
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