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Bigg Boss Season 6 Day 34 and 35 Synopsis    

Spotted: It's all about the ladies! 

After Sidhu leaves the Bigg Boss house, all the housemates are disappointed and sad. The girls were the most upset about Sidhu's sudden exit. Urvashi, Delnaaz and Aashka are seen moaning thinking of Sidhu. To cheer up all the ladies, Bigg Boss asks all the ladies to dress up and get ready for a sumptuous meal specially prepared for them. The performance area was nicely decorated with a table in the center and all the ladies are left awestruck. As they enjoy some delicious food and cold drinks, a door opens and in comes the much awaited male wild card entrant - Vishal Karwal.

Vishal comes in dressed in a suit and immediately grabs all the ladies' attention. He joins the girls for dinner in the decked out table and shares a few laughs with them. Vishal even got in some gifts for the girls which were sent specially by Bigg Boss to cheer them up. The ladies literally jump out of excitement and run in and call the boys to share their excitement. Vishal gets introduced to all the housemates. Vishal is seen taking turns and talking to Sana and Vrajesh about his entry and the outside world. After yet another day of eviction the light go off and the housemates go to sleep.

The next day starts with an appropriate song - 'Kya karoon oh ladies' from Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. The housemates dance and wake up with much energy. Mink and Vishal are seen cleaning the garden area and Mink pretends like she faints and the rest of the housemates laugh at this hilarious sight. Mink, Urvashi, Niketan and Vishal are seen bitching about Sapna and her fake attitude towards skin show etc as Sapna is seen sun bathing in her two-piece near the pool. Sana is told by Bigg Boss to be Vishal's 'parchayi' and make him familiar with all the house activities, places and even the housemates. After that Bigg Boss starts the nomination process. One by one the housemates nominate two contestants and eventually four people get nominated.

After the nomination results, the housemates are seen discussing about who nominated whom. Sapna talks to Vishal about how she is getting fried and is desperate to leave the show. Vishal tries to explain to her that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bigg Boss then announces a special task involving Sana and Vishal. Vishal needs to choose any girl in the house to dance with hi. Sana would be their choreographer. Vishal chooses Aashka and the rehearsals begin. Niketan, Vrajesh, Delnaaz and Rajev are aeen observing Sana and Vishal practice. Niketan even pulls Delnaaz's leg by saying that any sane guy would pick her instead of Aashka. After much practice the performers get ready to perform a romantic dance on 'pyaar ki yeh kahaani'. Vishal and Aashka display a great show in the garden area as their well coordinated dance moves got the rest of the housemates jumping. After a day full of action, romance, comedy the lights go off. While most of the housemates fall asleep, Aashka is seen chatting with Delnaaz and Sana in their bed and discussing how bitchy and cunning some people in the house are (referring to Urvashi).

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Bigg Boss Season 6 Day 34 and 35 Synopsis
Bigg Boss Season 6 Day 34 and 35 Synopsis
Bigg Boss Season 6 Day 34 and 35 Synopsis
Bigg Boss Season 6 Day 34 and 35 Synopsis
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