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Sooriyan Movie Review  

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Sooriyan Movie Review
  Movie Review : Sooriyan
Rating : 2 / 5
Banner : Sri Chakra Films
Cast : Jayaram, Vimala Raman, Sai Kumar, Nandhinee, Harisree Ashokan, Madhupal, Hari, Babu Swamy, Vijayaraghavan, Kalaranjini, Veena, Baby Nayanthara, Baby Riya and Others
Music : Ilayaraja
Producer: -
Director: Vinu
Released Date: July 24, 2007
Sooriyan Malluwood Movie Review

With leading actor Jayaram and ace director V M Vinu, SOORIYAN should have been a wonderful film, but unfortunately the movie doesn't hold in spite of Jayaram and Vinu and at the end of day the film turns out to be less than an average flick.

The film is a story of classical singer, who takes to goondaism to save his family from debts. The movie is more on the terms of Tamil hit Baasha, which so far has ensured a dozens movies in the same genre in every south Indian language so far.

Sooriyan Malayalam Cinema Review

The plot:

The film starts with Soorya Narayan ( Jayaram ), classical singer, performing at the alumni , for the college he studied. Soorya finds it hard to adjust to the demands of the students who keep insisting him to perform present tunes. Later we are shown is good family life and how Soorya is leaving a peaceful life of singer and who is all excited to share the Dias with none other than Yesudas.

On a way to admit his brother's daughter who is suffering from an ailment, Sorrya get to see paralyzed Kattuparma ( Vijayaraghavan ) a bigger goon and his gang, Soorya avoids eye contact with the gang and audience is given a hint, Soorya has a dark past.

And then audience are treated to Sorrya's flash back, where he was son of a maestro Hari Narayan ( Sai kumar ) who is not ready to sell his talent at any cost, but with age he is unable to find the meets of his family and incur huge debts. The whole family burden falls on Sorrya who too finds it difficult to meet family demands. In order to save his family from debts Soorya decides to leave aside singing and venture in to something else, by accident he meets his old time friend, who is now an ex-minister. His friend helps him out to come out of debts and ask him to work for him, Soorya readily obliges his friend and becomes his henchman looking after his business, thereby turning all his friends foes his own foes.

The director then tries to have so many sequences and plots, the movie gets too confusing in between and Soorya's transition from goonda to singer leaves lots of question in the minds of audiences.

Sooriyan Filem Review

The film offers no freshness and the old story is been bragged which makes it looks more pathetic. The film doesn't come anywhere close to falling in any kind of slots be it family, thriller, musical. Director Vinu tried very hard to get it a complete look but with loose dialogue delivery and screenplay the movie fails miserably to catch the attention of audiences.

Jayaram was disappointing of the entire lot, and he would have certainly suggested couple of changes in the movie to at least bring it to the point of viewing.

Dileep Chandupottu and Harisree Asokan, bring some laughter with their mimics. Vimala Raman is catchy with her role as Radio Jockey. Others like Suresh Krishna, Vijayaraghavan, Vijayakumar, Baburaj, Kalarenjini and Nandhini are just there.

Ilayaraja is just simple and none of his music makes any thing special. The pick among his mediocre songs of the film is manasse rendered brilliantly by Yesudas.

V M Vinu, tried all the permutations and combinations to keep the movie engrossing but at the end it becomes a big mess.

Bharatstudent Verdict: At the end, not a watch able movie at all, give it a miss.

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