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Nee Tata Naa Birla Movie Review  

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Nee Tata Naa Birla Movie Review
  Movie Review : Nee Tata Naa Birla
Rating : 2 / 5
Banner : Pyramid Saimira
Cast : . Ravichandran, Jaggesh, Pooja Gandhi, Jennifer Kotwal, Nikitha, Keerthi Chawla, Urvashi, Jyothi Rana, Anshu, Kavitha, Dodanna, Sadhu Kokila, Satyajith, Dharma, Karibasaviah, Bullet Prakash, Rajan P Dev and Others
Cinematography : Ramesh Babu
Music : Gurukiran
Producer: Anil Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Ajith Kumar
Director: Nagendra Magadi Pandu
Released Date: June 28, 2008
Nee Tata Naa Birla Sandalwood Movie Review


A lifeless comedy, the film is about two conmen (Ravi and Jaggesh) who don't stop at anything to con people but then they are more like the modern day Robinhood stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor. In this process, they are approached by a well known don who gives them a once in a life deal. He gives them the details of two very beautiful girls (Jennifer and Pooja) who are working with the Kingfisher and Jet Airways respectively and asks them to trace the code numbers from these pretty hot things. Both of them will be paid 40 lakhs for the deal if everything goes well. Both the fraudsters manage to get in touch with the two girls and even win their hearts and confidence but then they fail to trace the code numbers. Things get more messy when their real wives (Urvashi and Jyothi Rana) come back and top it all the home that both of them are staying actually belongs to someone else and the real owner of the house arrives. What follows is a tale of mixed confusions which also leaves the audience confused but then an open talk happens and confessions are made. What happens to the code number? Why does the don need the code number? All this forms the rest of the story.

Nee Tata Naa Birla Kannada Cinema Review

The experienced director who has been associated with the industry for many years appeared to have wanted to come out with a comedy but then he lost out totally on the narration and presentation aspects which is the key. Not much help was given to him in the music with just one worthy tune, the editing was bad, the script was subtle and the screenplay was amateur. The only saving grace for this is the cinematography that captured the locales and the glamour by the heroines very well. Both Ravichandran and Jaggesh have shown that they have come off age and struggled to keep up with their expressions and acts at many points. Their overweight is another problem. While Jennifer Kotwal gave some visual feast with her luscious legs, so was Pooja Gandhi with her seductively appealing presence but then on the acting front, they had nothing much to do as the roles were not well etched out. The comedy track by Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Prakash was just managing few giggles but nothing more to it. Nikitha, Keerthi Chawla, Jyothi Rana were underutilized. Urvashi should have thought once before going in for this role. The others did their job mechanically and got over with it.

Nee Tata Naa Birla Filem Review


For a comedy to be successful the script and the dialogues have to be really witty, they should also be blended well with the acting. The first half of the movie goes on a dull mode and barring few bits here and there nothing worthwhile happens. The second half is even worse with so much confusion and chaos happening that the audience is more frustrated than entertained. Despite the presence of a heavy star cast and some big names in the crew, the film will find it hard to make it to the success mark.

Bharatstudent Verdict: Nothing great about it, can be ignored.

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