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Ugly Aur Pagli Movie Review  

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Ugly Aur Pagli Movie Review
  Movie Review : Ugly Aur Pagli
Rating : 1.25 / 5
Banner : Pritish Nandy Communications
Cast : Mallika Sherawat, Ranvir Shorey, Tinu Anand, Sushmita Mukherjee. Vihang Nayak. Bharti Achrekar, Payal Rohatgi, Sapna Bhavnani, Zeenat Aman, Manish An and Others
Cinematography : Somak Mukherjee
Music : Anu Malik
Producer: Rangita Pritish Nandy & Pritish Nandy
Director: Sachin Khot
Released Date: August 01, 2008
Ugly Aur Pagli Bollywood Movie Review


A repetitive tale, the story begins with Kabir (Ranvir) who is a happy go lucky laid back guy who takes life at his own sweet pace and this can be justified with the fact that he has been doing his engineering since the past five years. But then, being a young guy with a longing heart, Kabir yearns to have a girlfriend in his life and watching the world around him in couples makes him ponder several times. But soon his life changes with the arrival of Kuhu (Mallika) and Kabir who has been on a sleep mode suddenly finds himself in the middle of a roller coaster ride wherein he has to come up with some of the most ridiculous situations, thanks to Kuhu. This hot girl is one dynamic, aggressive and cranky girl who would not stop at doing the weirdest things in life. This scares the bulbs out of Kabir and the more he plans to get away from her, the more close she gets to him. In no time, Kabir finds himself falling hopelessly in love with this walking dynamite but then does not have enough courage in him to express his feelings. To add to the woes, Kuhu suddenly disappears and ends up in Kolkata which sets Kabir on a locating mission. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


Ugly Aur Pagli Hindi Cinema Review


The director has come up with an interesting first look but then the story line is so flimsy that it relied a lot on the presentation and narration which were a let down. Even the technical side of the movie was not up to the mark with poor music and stale camerawork. The script is a total mess and the screenplay was utter disaster as discontinuity can be seen completely. The costumes did a good job and the editing could have been deft. The dialogues lacked the required punch though at times there were a few witty lines. It was Mallika Sherawat who came up with the perfect portrayal of the girl with the wild and whacky shades and no one could have done it better, even the emotional scenes were well enacted by her. Ranvir from his side is a pro, he is a master of his role and knows where to give the right ignition and push the throttle. Their onscreen chemistry was perfect, Tinnu Anand and Sushmita Mukherjee did their bit to gather few laughs while Bharti Achrekar did her bit with poise. One really wonders when Zeenat Aman came and left. The others did not have much to do with their roles.


Ugly Aur Pagli Filem Review


The film has actually come up with an interesting concept but then this was not developed completely into a proper script which has led to the downfall of the movie. while the first half of the film goes very well with the introduction of the leads and how their paths meet but then things go down in the second half when you feel a repetition of the first half in a different form with the same essence, it appears that the writers did not know where to go from the middle of the road. If only the characters had developed more gravity in their roles, the film would have turned out to be an excellent treat. The script is the culprit here and it is difficult for the movie to shine in the days to come.

Bharatstudent verdict: Not that great...

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