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Siddharth - The Prisoner Movie Review  

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Siddharth - The Prisoner Movie Review
  Movie Review : Siddharth - The Prisoner
Rating : 1.25 / 5
Banner : Vistaar Religare Film Fund, Walkwater Media, Alliance Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Cast : Rajat Kapoor, Sachin Nayak, Pradeep Kabra, Pradip Sagar and Others
Music : Sagar Desai
Cinematography : Mrinal Desai
Producer: Pryas Gupta, Rohan Gupta, Sandeep Hooda
Director: Pryas Gupta
Released Date: February 27, 2009
A stale tale, the story begins with Siddharth Roy (Rajat) who just emerges out of prison and he is actually a well known writer who serves prison term (reasons not known). Now, he has got only one thing in mind and that is to come back to the society and regain his lost glory. For that, he already prepares a script and Siddharth is positive that if that gets published then he will bounce back to his golden days. Also, he is keen on getting back to his wife Maya. However, his life takes a turn when his briefcase containing the entire script gets exchanged with a similar looking one and this one has got stacks of money stuffed inside it. Due to this, the manager of the cyber café Mohan (Sachin) begins to come under pressure from his boss (Pradip) to recover the lost money. What follows from there is a tale of double crossing and whether Mohan is successful in getting the money and Siddharth is successful in getting the script forms the rest of the story.

Presentation :
The director has come out with a good idea of a storyline but then he could not conceptualize it correctly on the screen. The blame must be put on the narrative aspects and also the script that was written very lazily. The screenplay is confusing and the music also failed to live upto the mark, the angles from the camera were somewhat okay but editing was totally out of order. The direction of the entire movie was not very effective and this also contributed to the debacle. Rajat from his end came up with whatever he could but then his real caliber was not seen in this one, Sachin was apt for his role and did justice, Pradip was evil enough but Pradeep Kabra was just complacent.

Conclusion :
The film could have been a very interesting flick if the script was fast paced with more clarity and then the message the maker wanted to convey was clear. The entire first half is a camel journey with the building up of the characters and it is only during the second half that the heat picks up but even before there is something to look forward to, the final moments come down tumbling and the whole thing collapses leaving the audience in confusion. The film is more suited to enter into the film festival circuit and the art film circuit but the general audience will find this quite a boring one. The film could have been better if the pace was maintained and the script was clear. 

Bharatstudent Verdict : Disappointing and dull
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